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Alfredo works from a 2m X 2m gazebo and spends the day transforming children (and sometimes adults) into balloon pirates. They get a sword and belt, a hat and a parrot on the shoulder. Each child gets a bit of magic thrown in too.

Parents find it all highly amusing. They enjoy watching the fun as their children are dressed up and photographing them in their unique outfits.

At last years Best of Food Festival at Kingston Lacy, Alfredo and Jo worked non stop, because their queue never ended.

Alfredo is also available for mix and mingle, walkabout magic.

'By midday, wherever I looked I saw people with balloon parrots on their shoulders. Mostly middle aged men. Great fun! Highly recommended!'

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Facade by Renowned Fairground Artist, Wet Paint

Facade by Renowned Fairground Artist,
Wet Paint

Contact Alfredo and Jo on
01258 459320 / 07508217521

Or by email: info@alfredoelmago.com

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