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Alfredo has always enjoyed entertaining. As a young man he spent some time in Tenby, beachcombing and telling jokes in pubs to survive.

For many years he worked at Glastonbury Festival as a site carpenter and was involved in several other festivals around the country. Whether manning a stall or managing the market area, Alfredo thrived on the atmoshere and enjoyed getting into the festival spirit, with crazy antics and street theatre.

He met his wife, Jo, whilst they were both working at Glastonbury and twenty six years on, she is a big support and his partner in 'Alfredo's Pirates'.

During one of his times at Glastonbury he came across some cheap magic tricks on sale in a garage. He bought a couple and tried them out on festival goers, suprised at their enthusiastic reactions.

Alfredo did not learn his art in the usual way. He had a daughter with a degenerative disease and knew from her first year that her life expectancy was short. He tried to make every day special for her, to surround her with happiness. When Molly died, he used magic to help bring joy back into his life. Now every smile, every magic moment, is for Molly.

Contact Alfredo and Jo on
01258 459320 / 07508217521

Or by email: info@alfredoelmago.com

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